ATCA's Mission

is to “to improve the conservation and sustainable development of natural resources in Alaska, promote traditional subsistence activities, and improve the quality of life within Tribal Conservation Districts, serving Tribal Governments, Native Corporations and other stakeholders within the district”.

ATCA serves 18 Tribal Conservation Districts:

  • Tyonek TCD (TTCD)
    • Established in 2006
  • Kuigglugmiut TCD (Kwethluk)
    • Established in 2009
  • Asa’carsamiut TCD (Mt. Village)
    • Established in 2009
  • Nunivak Island TCD
    • Established in 2011
  • Ahtna Intertribal Resource Commission dba CRITR TCD
    • Established in 2014
  • Kuuvanmiut TCD (Ambler)
    • Established in 2014
  • Knik TCD: established in 2014
  • Nuvendaltun TCD (Nondalton)
    • Established in 2014
  • Tuyuryaq TCD (Togiak)
    • Established in 2014
  • Akiacuarmiut TCD (Akiachak)
    • Established in 2014
  • Prince of Wales TCD
    • Established in 2014
  • T’ee Drin Jik (Arctic Village/Venetie)
    • Established in 2014
  • Yakutat Tribal Conservation District
    • Established in 2015
  • Eklutna TCD
    • Established in 2016
  • Southeast Regional TCD
    • Established in 2018
  • Ketchikan TCD
    • Established in 2018
  • Nuiqsit TCD
    • Established in 2018
  • Tanana TCD
    • Established in 2018

Please check back soon for any upcoming projects, events, or site visits ATCA is hosting, attending, or partnering in.

What is a TCD

  • A Tribal Conservation District (TCD) combines local and traditional knowledge with technical resources to actively manage natural resources in a defined area.
  • TCDs benefit Alaska Native Villages as a support system promotion of sustainable practices and preservation of cultural lands and ensures this through long- and short-term planning and seeks funding to work on problem areas through program delivery.
  • A TCD acts as a liaison between agencies and the Tribe, providing local leadership that help guide needed conservation programs
  • The goal of TCD is to set local priorities for conservation and ensure sustainable use of natural resources for subsistence, economic opportunity, resource development, and cultural preservation

Why form a TCD?:

  • They provide a merged entity for which USDA and other agencies and the Tribe can work together, the local leadership help guide and facilitate conservation programs.
  • Allows to establishes conservation priorities through a comprehensive planning process which is implemented locally by district’s governing board of directors and members. This gives the community  the ability to focus on challenges that Tribes may face regarding natural resources and subsistence agricultural activities
  • Board based community development and conservation programs developed through the cooperation of USDA/ other agencies and the Tribe are vital to the protection of natural resources, economic stability and well being of the land.