Who is ATCA?

We are a multi- tribal 501(c)(3) nonprofit umbrella organization that provides programs and services to Tribal Conservation Districts (TCDs) . Established in 2011 by the first 3 Tribal Conservation Districts, we aspire to facilitate in the identification of natural resource conservation priorities, creation of conservation district specific goals, identification of partnerships and provide conservation planning across the state. We work with communities to demonstrates how TCDs benefit villages as a support system for the promotion of sustainable practices and preservation of cultural lands.

ATCA strives to provide assistance in order to efficiently preserve and protect traditional ways of life in the forms of :

  • Identifying natural resource and subsistence priorities
  • Aiding in achieving conservation goals through community driven conservation practices
  • Identifying and fostering of cooperative relationships between tribes and agencies
  • Providing conservation planning across the state

Our Current Board of Directors

Chair: Robert Stephan 
Elected 2017 3yr Term

Vice-Chair: Christopher Gene 
Elected 2017 2yr Term

Secretary/Treasurer: Helen Gregorio 
Elected 2017 2yr Term

Member: John Agwiak 
Elected 2017 1yr Term

Member: James Landlord 
Elected 2017 1yr Term

Our Staff

Tyler Mockta 

Conservation Planner



Kyla Gongora 

Projects Development Coordinator / Communications Manager